Complete Badminton Training by Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie

Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie Badminton Training - Episode 3 (Mandarin with Chinese & English Subtitles)
Hosted by Former Badminton World Champion Zhao Jianhua & Badminton Coach Xiao Jie

Backcourt Backhand Swing and Footwork Technique

Guest Xie Jiu Ru's Weakness:
Jiu Ru is not comfortable with hitting the rear corner backhand shot. He lacks the footwork for reaching the corner efficiently and he lacks a proper backhand swing.

Coach Xiao Jie's Solution:
Coach Xiao makes several points to help improve Jiu Ru's swing:

Basic Badminton Footwork

Guest Xie Jiu Ru's Weakness:
Jiu Ru puts all his weight on his final step resulting in a slow recovery. Additionally, his final stance is less than 90 degrees putting a lot of weight on his knees.

Coach Xiao Jie's Solution:
To remedy Jiu Ru's injury-prone footwork, Coach Xie suggests that he kick out his calf at the last step so that the angle behind his knee is greater than 90 degrees. Also, he should land on his heel with his toes pointing outwards. This helps with his balance and speeds up his return to base position.

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Praveen Kumar on Apr 03, 2013 says ...
It is very effective trainings. Please let me know where can i download the same.

phone win on Dec 25, 2011 says ...
thank so much. I from myanmar . 37year old. last four months I saw this badminton training. I DOWNLOAD AND TRAINING BY MY SELF. NOW I CAN BEAT SOME 3/4 YEAR EXPERIANCE MAN. TRUE.. THIS METHOD ARE REALLY GOOD AND PERFECT. EXPEACIALLY NO TIRED AND NO INJERD.

djunaidi ali on Jan 11, 2012 says ...
Dear guys,

Thanks a lot, I got knowledge while seeing this video and meaningful to me. My question is how to return lower back hand, I mean the birdie is not higher than shoulder and either on the backcourt should we change our grip or any other technique to be used.
djunaidi ali

wim tjan on Jan 20, 2013 says ...
I'm a man of 71 years old and doing badminton for the 3rd year. 3 times a week, I play badminton but to my opinion, that's not enough. So I wonder if there are badminton schools in China or Indonesia where senior people like me can learn better badminton technique? Even when I'm playing as a recreation member, I hate when I'm lost from people just because I have not the good technique.

Francis Loh on Jul 10, 2013 says ...
Very good tips and instruction.

tanveer hussain on May 21, 2011 says ...
I want to learn back hand smash. Will u make any videos of backhand smash. I hope so.

rajesh kumar yadav on Sep 16, 2012 says ...
I am always looking forward to getting new learning skills from national and international coachs.

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