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Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie Badminton Training
Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie
Chen Weihua Badminton Training
Chen Weihua
Peter Rasmussen Badminton Training
Peter Rasmussen
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Backhand | Clear | Defense | Doubles Strategies & Tactics | Drop Shot | Drills | Footwork | Lift | Net Play | Service | Smashing
Videos by Badminton Superstars
Lin Dan & Wang Xin

Badminton Net Training
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Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie04Frontcourt Forehand Lift and Crosscourt Net Shot
Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie13Badminton Smooth Drop Shot | Badminton Net Push Shot
Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie19Efficient Badminton Footwork | Effective Badminton Net Play
Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie21How to Hit High Quality Forehand Badminton Drop Shots and Backhand Badminton Net Shots
Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie22Backhand Badminton Net Kill | Badminton Footwork for Overhead Shots
Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie24Backhand Low Serve Badminton Technique | Push/Net Kills in Badminton Doubles Play
Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie26Badminton Doubles Rotation & Positioning | Defend Near-body Badminton Smashes | How to Cover the Badminton Net
Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie27Badminton Footwork for the Front Court Badminton Net Kill
Chen Weihua14Badminton Forehand Net Spin
Chen Weihua15Badminton Backhand Net Spin
Chen Weihua17Badminton Net Lift
Chen Weihua19Badminton Net Kill
Chen Weihua31Smash and Net Rush Badminton Drill
Chen Weihua32Drop and Net Rush Badminton Drill
Chen Weihua33Drop-Smash and Net Rush Badminton Drill

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