Badminton Training with Lin Dan and Wang Xin - Serving Techniques

Lin Dan Demonstrates the Backhand Serve Technique

"I used to do the forehand serve when I was a junior", Lin shared, "but when I started training with the seniors, I noticed everyone uses the backhand serve and I then concluded that to be a top player I'll have to learn the backhand serve well. That was to be my primary motivation for learning the backhand serve."

Lin Dan Demonstrates the Serve-Receive Technique

"If you receive your opponent's serve well, you will be able to pile the pressure on your opponent and it puts yourself in a better position for the next couple of strokes", said Lin Dan.

"Peter Gade likes to raise his racket hand very high so that his opponent feels threatened, while Lee Chong Wei raises his elbow rather high. Taufik's net technique is exceptional and thus he is often very relaxed in receiving the serves", analysed Lin Dan.

Wang Xin Demonstrates the Forehand Serve and Shares How it is a "Wrist Art"

"Whether you are doing a short serve or a long serve, a good forehand serve relies heavily on your wrist work and not the arm swing", says Wang, "and for accuracy of your serve, you just have to keep practicing."

Wang Xin - Women's Single Badminton Player
Forehand Serve
Serving is vital for a match, it determines if you can take an advantage in a match - i will help you out.
Firstly,your standing position is vital for service, Firstly both feet at shoulder width
Watch your opponent, not the floor or shuttle
Also your racket hand must be waist height, not higher or lower
Secondly, when serving your action must flow
If you are left handed, follow´╗┐ through to your right shoulder
If you are right handed, follow though to your left shoulder
Thirdly, whether serving high or short, use your wrist to control
Use your arm to push your forearm to push your wrist
If you want more accuracy where the shuttle lands, everyone needs to practice
Different service techniques are determined you want the shuttle to land. You can use forehand or backhand serve, but the most important thing is you are used to it or are comfortable. This way you can serve better

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