How to Perform the Badminton Backhand Shot Combined with Proper Footwork

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Our beginner trainee is not comfortable with hitting the rear corner backhand shots. His footwork for reaching the corner is inefficient and he lacks a proper backhand swing. Coach Xiao Jie makes several points to help improve his swing:
  • The backhand swing motion should be least 180 degrees. Our trainee's swing is only 90 degrees, which is too small to generate enough power to clear the opponent's court.
  • In general, grip the badminton racket loosely until the point of impact with the shuttle. Our trainee's grip is tight throughout the whole swing.
  • The contact point of the backhand shot should be either beside your body or behind your body (between you and the net).
  • Use a 2 or 3 step footwork (depending on how much time you have and the distance) to reach the back corner and hit the backhand shot while completing the final step.
  • Always return to base position so that you are ready for the next shot.
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