Shot Control Exercise (1) Smash and Net Rush Badminton Drill

Tags: Drills/Exercises   Smash/Jump Smash   Intermediate   Chen Weihua   Chen Weihua Badminton Training  

In this intermediate badminton training video, Coach Chen Weihua goes over the smash and net rush badminton drill. This badminton drill will strengthen the player's forecourt and backcourt transition movements and improve the player's attacking ability. The smash and net rush drill is a combination of the smashing and net play skills discussed in earlier episodes. The attacking player will smash the shuttle and then rush to control the net. To perform this drill, the attacker needs to be comfortable smashing and then rushing the net quickly and perform a net return. The defending partner needs to be able to return the smashes and lifting the shuttle. This drill is basic but is very important for developing offensive abilities.

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