Doubles Tactics (1) Offensive and Defensive Formations in Badminton Doubles

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In this beginner/intermediate badminton doubles video, Coach Chen Weihua shows basic badminton doubles formations for offensive and defensive play. Playing doubles is not only about techniques and physical abilities, but also how well you and your partner work together. In later training videos, Coach Chen Weihua goes into badminton doubles strategies and tactics, but first we must understand positioning for the basic formations.

For badminton doubles offensive formation, one player is in the front and one player is in the back. The rear court player attacks from the back of the court, while the front court player is responsible for covering and controlling the net.For badminton doubles defensive formation, one player is on the left and the other on the right.Each player is responsible for defending their half of the badminton court. During actual play, partners rotate and transition into these formations depending on what is happening on the court.

During practice, imagine that there is rope attached to your waist and your partner's waist. When one player moves, the other should naturally follow. For example, if one player is returning a corner net shot, the partner should follow to help maximize court courage. The partners are linked by an invisible rope, pressing ahead together, retreating together, and moving laterally together.This is how partner chemistry is developed in badminton doubles.

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