How to Reach the 2 Corners of the Backcourt with More Efficient Badminton Footwork

Tags: Footwork   Beginner   Xiao Jie   Complete Badminton Training  

When the trainer hits a high clear shot to the two corners of the backcourt, our beginner trainee has difficulties reaching the shuttlecock in time to make an offensive shot. Coach Xiao Jie points out that there were opportunities to hit offensive shots, such as jump smashes or drop shots. Coach Xiao Jie suggests improving footwork by reducing the number of steps required to reach the corners of the backcourt. Our player was turning toward the corner and taking two steps to reach the shuttle and that was too time consuming and left him with no choice but to hit the shuttle at a low point. Coach instructs him to not turn, but rather, take a small side step toward the rear corner and then jumping to intercept the shuttle.

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