Badminton Backhand Training

The badminton backhand shot is particularly difficult to master for many players. Having a weak backhand leaves open an easy section of the court for opponents to consistently exploit. While it is possible to cover that weak court area with a forehand shot, it usually requires more steps to get there to execute the forehand. And when there is no time for a forehand, the backhand must be used. Therefore, it is important to develop a strong backhand to minimize obvious weaknesses in your game.
Badminton Backhand Push Shot
Series: Complete Badminton Training - Episode 10.10
Skills: Backhand 
Forehand and Backhand Badminton Clear Shot
Series: Complete Badminton Training - Episode 17.00
Coaches: Zhao Jianhua 
Levels: Intermediate 
Skills: Backhand  Clear Shot 
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