Badminton Doubles/Mixed Doubles Training

Playing badminton doubles and mixed doubles involve much more than individual player techniques or physical abilities. How well you and your partner work together can mean the difference between winning or losing. Novice players tend to make the mistake of staying on their side of the court and end up watching as their partner gets assaulted by the opponents. Hence, it is important to understand how to maximize court coverage and how to rotate in to and out of attack and defensive formations.
Badminton Mixed Doubles Basic Rotation Tactics
Series: Complete Badminton Training - Episode 9.1
Skills: Doubles/Mixed Doubles 
Badminton Mixed Doubles Positioning and Strategies
Series: Complete Badminton Training - Episode 12
Coaches: Zhao Jianhua 
Levels: Beginner  Intermediate 
Skills: Doubles/Mixed Doubles 
Badminton Doubles Defensive to Offensive Transition
Series: Complete Badminton Training - Episode 25
Coaches: Zhao Jianhua 
Levels: Intermediate 
Skills: Doubles/Mixed Doubles 
Doubles Tactics (3) Badminton Doubles Strategies for Attacking
Series: Chen Weihua Badminton Training - Episode 51
Coaches: Chen Weihua 
Levels: Intermediate  Advanced 
Skills: Doubles/Mixed Doubles 
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