Importance of Badminton Finger Control

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Coach Xiao Jie shows guest players the importance of fine finger control in badminton.Using only the wrist to control the badminton stroke does not allow very many shot variations.The angle variation of the racket face is controlled finely through the fingers; mainly the thumb and index finger.For example, a player has several shot choices at the net; slice the shuttle and make it tumble over the net, push the shuttle to the backcourt, or hook the shuttle to the crosscourt net area.All these shots require fine finger control.

Power generation of a badminton swing does not end at the forearm or the wrist. From the forearm, power is transmitted through the wrist and to the fingers.At the moment contact with the shuttle, use the thumb and index finger to grip the racket.This can provide better shot placement control, as well as sudden explosive changes in the shuttle direction.

Shuttle control by professional players all involve fine control with the fingers.Remember that controlling with wrist is not enough, so be sure to incorporate the fingers.

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