Shot Control Exercise (4) Backcourt 2-point vs 4-point Badminton Drill

Tags: Drills/Exercises   Intermediate   Advanced   Chen Weihua   Chen Weihua Badminton Training  

In this intermediate-advanced badminton training video, Coach Chen Weihua goes over the 2-point vs 4-point badminton drill. The goal of this drill is to train the player's endurance and defense. This drill requires the trainee to already have good endurance. This drill will further improve their endurance. The training partner stays in the 2 points at the backcourt. She can use clears and drops to hit the trainee's 4 points. The trainee must use clears to return rear court shots and lifts to return front court shots. This drills trains the player to reach all 4 corners of the corner. The partner only needs to stay in the back court and use different shots to move the trainee. As the trainee's technique and form improves and stabilizes, the training partner can further increase the difficulty of this drill. She can increase difficulty by hitting faster clears and more difficult drop shots; increased speed and better placement. This provides the trainee with further challenges.

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