Badminton Doubles Training Videos

Videos by Badminton Training Series
Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie Badminton Training
Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie
Chen Weihua Badminton Training
Chen Weihua
Peter Rasmussen Badminton Training
Peter Rasmussen
Videos by Badminton Skills & Techniques
Backhand | Clear | Defense | Doubles Positioning & Tactics | Drop Shot | Drills | Footwork | Lift | Net Play | Service | Smashing
Videos by Badminton Superstars
Lin Dan & Wang Xin

Badminton Doubles Training
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Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie09Badminton Mixed Doubles Tactics
Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie12Badminton Mixed Doubles Positioning and Strategies
Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie24Backhand Low Serve Badminton Technique | Push/Net Kills in Badminton Doubles Play
Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie25Badminton Doubles Defensive to Offensive Transition
Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie26Badminton Doubles Rotation & Positioning | Defend Near-body Badminton Smashes | How to Cover the Badminton Net
Chen Weihua49Offensive and Defensive Formations in Badminton Doubles
Chen Weihua50Service and Service-Return Formations in Badminton Doubles
Chen Weihua51Badminton Doubles Strategies for Attacking
Chen Weihua52Badminton Doubles Strategies for Defending
00The Most Thrilling Final Match In Men's Badminton Doubles History

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