Footwork Technique (1) Badminton Footwork Training - Backcourt

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In this beginner/intermediate badminton footwork video, Coach Chen Weihua shows basic badminton footwork skills for reaching the two corners of the backcourt. Novice players often wonder why they have difficulties getting to the shuttle, why their steps are uncoordinated, and why their shots are not powerful, even though they swung hard. The answer is simply that have poor footwork.Good badminton footwork allows you to get to the shuttle with enough time to perform a good swing on a good contact point. Practicing badminton footwork drills and exercises also help with continuity, which means a smoother transition from one shot to the next.Mastery of badminton footwork techniques can improve your overall game. Therefore, badminton footwork training is an essential part of badminton.

As you watch the following badminton footwork video, take note of the steps that the player takes to reach the corners. Assuming a right-handed player, the steps for the forehand shot (right corner) and the overhead shot (left corner) is a little different, as the overhead shot requires a step to turn the body.When the player reaches the corner, an optional jump may be performed (jump smash). Novice badminton players and those who are not comfortable jumping may skip the jump and perform a swing instead.After the swing, return to the starting position and get ready for the next shot. Transitioning into the next set of footwork should be smooth and continuous.

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